The clockwork jewelry and art collections created by Thomine Wilson represent the integration of collage and sculpture. A passion for the revival of found objects is the vehicle behind each one-of-a-kind piece. Items destined for demise have been recycled and emerge with a spirit of renaissance.

Within the artistic process there is artistry and there is archaeology. There is country and there is rock and roll. Thomine dares you to draw the line and she may suggest you draw another. She is intrigued by the temptation to cross the line but knows that real thrill and real beauty lie in imagining the line, and walking ever so carefully on both sides.

The collections include wearable vintage clockwork jewelry and whimsical and functional alternative art.

Please browse the Galleries/Art for Sale pages. All pieces are titled and available for purchase.

Vintage Clockwork Jewelry
Whimsical Alternative Art